C.P.H.B (Cannabis Powered Hover Board)

NEW BREAKTHROUGH in Cannabis Powered Hover Board Prototypes Announced by Lemnos Lab and E.J. Fagerstrom IV 

  • New device is a zero-emission single-controller platform capable of unassisted flight. 
  • Lemnos Lab will market to civilian, industrial and military groups nationwide. 
  • Its propelled by cannabis or hemp

Lemnos Lab of San Francisco has completed the first field tests of their zero-emission Cannabis-Powered Hover Board (CPHB) and are preparing to mass-produce a commercial example. The CPHB, which is entirely powered by the electrically-assisted combustion of powdered dried commercial-grade hemp and cannabis, and produces no emissions beyond chemically-neutral powdered carbon dust, promises a revolution in personal transportation. Lemnos Lab has already been approached by numerous representatives of the United States Department of Defense, as well as a variety of aerospace contractors, interested in the practical applications of this technology. 

“The CPHB is capable of speeds of up to 70 miles per hour in any weather, can be easily controlled with minimal training by a novice pilot, and completely revolutionizes the field of personal mobility,” says Lemnos Lab Product Development Chief Jasminder Singh. “Previous ‘hoverboard’ technologies were loud, cumbersome and dependent on petroleum-based fuels or external power sources- but no longer.” 

The design was made possible by the combination of two unlikely sources- a German fighter jet engine from 1944 developed by Dr. Alexander Lippisch, and E.J Fagerstrom’s 1967 invention of an unusual rotary power-transmission mechanism. The former, powered by a centrifugal hopper of coal dust, and the latter, a high-speed rotary power coupling, allows for the production of a engine which burns hemp or cannabis with near-100% efficiency, producing an exhaust containing nothing but water vapour, nitrogen, and trace amounts of chemically-neutral non-pollutant granulated carbon. 

E.J. Fagerstrom IV’s contribution of extremely high-quality industrial-grade hemp and cannabis fibres as a fuel were the spark for the project, which initially sought to create a purely electrically-powered system driven by Electric Ducted Fans (EDFs). It was soon realized, however, that the thermobaric combustion of a powdered fuel source generated far more thrust- and with the addition of Lemnos Labs proprietary Rotary Disk Engine (RDE), even more environmentally-friendly than lead or lithium-based batteries. 

CPHBs offer a sea-change in the way that humans being move- providing for the first time an environmentally-sustainable means of personal flight for anyone, without overhead. “CPHBs can be used as personal vehicles, but also as sporting equipment, industrial platforms to allow for safe work at heights without the risk of falling, and even military transports- the applications are as vast as the human imagination that made this technology possible, bottom line, I hope we don't go up in smoke," says Emile J Fagerstrom IV.

1. US Patent #3342015. 



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